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About Us

Since 2012, OE-I has invested over $360 million in 133 different initiatives that reduce operational energy demand requirements, or which provide new options for harnessing power in the field.

The Operational Energy - Innovation Directorate provides Joint Force policy, oversight, and program management for emerging technologies. OE-I leads DOD operational energy communities to provide a common operating picture of OE investments. The Operational Energy Capability Improvement Fund (OECIF) and Operational Energy Prototyping Fund (OEPF) programs develop and prototype technologies that provide tactical overmatch for our warfighters and allies. OECIF invests in analytics to support current policy and shape future policy. OECIF examples include:

  • The DoD Space Domain Energy Strategy & Space Nuclear Power Study (SNUP) provides joint guidance enabling Space systems to directly support COCOMs & warfighters with sustained, resilient operations and a source of energy/power
  • The Operational Energy Management System upgrade (OEMS 324) is providing a common operating picture of investments across the DOD
  • OECIF, in collaboration with NORAD and NORTHCOM, provides project management for innovations like the Arctic Grid Energy Storage (AGES) project, developing cold weather energy storage technologies

OEPF provides project management for lightweight and lower-cost photovoltaics (HVPE) to provide power for space- and ground-based platforms


OECIF is the DoD’s premier joint operational energy investment program. The mission of the OECIF program is to guide operational energy innovation via targeted S&T investments. As an Advanced Technology Development fund, OECIF focuses on technology integration and demonstrations for first-of-a-kind innovations. OECIF operates in collaboration with the Services and is structured to leverage, not replicate, the existing infrastructure and organization in the Services. Each Services’ operation energy lead works collectively with OECIF to develop, select, and oversee the OECIF investments.

Graphic of driving forces and OECIF project themes over time. If needed, please contact OE-I for full text.


OEPF further develops joint concepts created within OECIF (and other programs such as SERDP and ESTCP) into transferable products to the Services. The purpose of the OEPF is to bridge the transition gap that many projects experienced when moving from first-of-a-kind capabilities and prototypes to widely usable products. By funding testing and demonstration efforts to inform requirements, acquisition documentation, warfighter familiarity, and analytics for decision making, OEPF is critical for bringing these projects to fruition for DoD Services and Components.

OECIF and OEPF Office

OECIF and OEPF are independent programs that are jointly managed by the DASD(E&ER) under the purview of the ASD(EI&E).

OE-I office structure. At the top are the OE-I Director and Deputy Director. The office is then divided into OEPF and OECIF. OEPF has a single Portfolio Lead. OECIF has three Portfolio Leads:  Electrifying the Battlespace, Commanding Energy, and Powering the Portfolio.

Operational Energy Management System (OEMS):