The Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy Resilience and Optimization (ODASD(ER&O)), Operational Energy – Innovation (OE-I) is now soliciting Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 proposals for the Operational Energy Capability Improvement Fund (OECIF) and Operational Energy Prototyping Fund (OEPF). OE-I is requesting proposals in the following areas:

  • OEPF and OECIF Nuclear:  Submit by 1700 EST on 6 August 2024, solicitation opens 15 July 2024
  • OECIF Non-Nuclear:  Submit by 1700 EST on 28 October 2024

OECIF and OEPF project solicitations have different types of proposals and different funding. Funded projects will be managed by the Military Services or other DoD Components, with oversight by OE-I portfolio leads and the OECIF and OEPF Program Manager. Proposals should come from DoD Components; this is not a call for proposals from non-government organizations – however, collaborating with industry and academia is encouraged.

The OECIF and OEPF Call for Proposal link below provides the specific details for each call:

OE-I FY25 OECIF and OEPF Call For Proposals
Appendix 1: List of Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Symbols
Appendix 2: Roles and Responsibilities
Appendix 3: Transition Acquisition Maturation Framework (TMAF)
Appendix 4: FY25 Quad Artifact Template and Example
Appendix 5: FY25 Presentation Artifact Template and Example
Appendix 6: Enterprise-Wide Energy Visibility & Decision-Making One-Pager and Example
Appendix 7: FY25 OECIF Proposal Transition Assessment
Appendix 8: FY25 OEPF Proposal Transition Assessment
Appendix 9: Letter of Intent to POM and Transition Example
Appendix 10: Proposal Team Bio Examples
Appendix 11: Nuclear Power OECIF Call for Proposals
Appendix 12: Operational Energy Demand Reduction (OEDR) OECIF Call for Proposals
Appendix 13: Operational Energy Resilience (OER) OECIF Call for Proposals
Appendix 14: Proposal Submission Questions
Appendix 15: FY25 OE-I Proposal Scoring Criteria