The Director of Operational Energy – Innovation is pleased to announce this year’s list of awardees for the FY23 funding for the Contested Logistics call for proposals. Based on FY23 NDAA funding, the following projects will receive awards:

  1. Contested Logistics Energy Beaming Readiness Advancements (CLEBRA) — Congressional Add funding only
  2. Operational and Installation Energy Resilience Capability- and Scenario-Driven Frameworks for Contested Environments
  3. Intelligent Power Management System - Energy Storage Unit
  4. OBELISK: Optical Beaming of Energy via Laser Irradiation over Several Kilometers
  5. Small Unit Resupply for the Contested Logistics Battlefield
  6. Blue Bison
  7. Cyber Energy Convergence
  8. NanoElectroFuel (NEF) Flow Battery for Distributed Operations
  9. Battery Chemistry Technology Transfer Vehicle
  10. Synthetic Fuels for Contested Environments
  11. Rugged and Efficient RF Wireless Power Receivers for Energy on Demand
  12. Family of Tactical Solid Waste Elimination Systems (TSWES)
  13. Microgrid Augmentation with Kilowatt Energy Relay
  14. Configurable Energy Receiver & Transmitter
  15. Arctic Operational Energy and Power Technology Landscape
  16. Project Green Lantern
  17. Graphene Manufacturing Advancements for Energy Storage Applications

Award amounts may not match funding requests and are contingent on agreement of scope and deliverables between the PM and the project.

Currently Unfunded

Should additional funding become available, projects will be funded based on ranked order (provided the funding source aligns with the proposal topic):

18. Hydrogen Enabling Logistics Platform (HELP)
19. Low Temperature Batteries for Arctic Missions
20. Persistent Untethered UUV Port Security and Mine Neutralization Operations for Contested Logistics
21. Eliminating Open Burn Pits and Improving Energy Resiliency with the Pur-Gen System
22. Convective Arctic Space Heater (CASH)
23. Radioisotope Supply Chain for Large-Power 
24. Transportable Energy 6T
25. Spatial Power and Optical Communications Kit
26. Hydrogen Upward Lift Kit (HULK)-Maritime
27. Next Generation JP-8 Fuel Cell Vehicle
28. Joint Operational Converter
29. Underwater Power Independent Launch and Recovery System (UW PILAR System)
30. Tactical Mobile Pyrolizer (TAMP) System
31. Long Range Precision Aerial Delivery System
32. Conducting Warfighting with Agile Sustainment and Efficiency
33. Vehicle to Microgrid
34. Atmospheric Water Generation - On the Move
35. 5G As a Wireless Power Grid
36. Grinergy Warfighter LTO Li-ion 6T Cell Sub-module
37. Hydrogen at the Tactical Edge for Contested Logistics 
38. Battlefield Expeditionary Energy for Distributed Logistics Employment 
39. Photovoltaic Receiver for Laser Power Beaming System
40. Conducting Warfighting with Agile Sustainment and Effectiveness
41. Novel Operational Regimes Enabled by Nuclear-powered Space-based Beamed Power
42. Reactor On-orbit Simulated Interactive Environment
43. Solid State Squad Power Generation (SSSPG) for Dismounted Warfighter Operational Energy
44. Hydrogen Power & Propellant for the Close Combat Force
45. Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell (SOEC) for On-site Fuel Production
46. Accelerated Cost Reduction for All GaAs Substrates
47. Compact Ionic Gasification System (CIGS) for Burn Pit Replacement & Waste-to-Energy Applications
48. Optical Recharging for Contested Arenas 
49. Agile Mirror Pointing for Energy Web Dominance
50. Hybrid Airships for Contested Logistics
51. Digital Twin for Training and Operation on Power Systems (DT-TOPS)
52. Lean, Lethal and Logical Logistics
53. On-The-Move Wireless Energy Node
54. On-The-Move Wireless Energy Node
55. Power Electronics Signature Analysis and Mitigation
56. Laser Power Beaming to small UAS for the Warfighter (LPBSU-W) Study
57. Ambient Water and Energy Generator (AWEG)
58. High Efficiency Waste Heat to Power for Mobile Deployment
59. Operational Energy Doctrine
60. Advanced Operational Energy Research Toolkit
61. electric Distributed Ops & Logistics 5G Integrated Network
62. Diesel and Hydrogen Dual Fuel Engine in Military Truck 
63. Portable Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) for the Warfighter
64. Secure, Peer-to-Peer, and Immutable Data Resilience 
65. Protection of Operational Energy Infrastructure from sUAS Threats
66. Collapsible Fabric Tank Study
67. D6XE Electric Drive Dozer 
68. Oxygen On Demand at Field Hospital for the Warfighter
69. Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Dog
70. Space Solar Demonstration
71. Power Generation for Contested Logistics: Extreme Power Internal Combustion (EPIC) Engine Generator
72. Power on Demand
73. EV Power on Demand